Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1/2 bath - left side wall

This bathroom is only 4 x 8.  And very, very busy.  This is the left hand wall as you walk in.

Sorry, it's hard to take pictures of mirrors.  The glare is killer.  The top left is plastic, was gold but I painted it silver.  The other 2 I bought at an English Antique Auction.

You can see my fabric covered wall outlet.

I embroidered this with my Singer, bought the frame at a garage sale.

Metal wall decor, bought at the thrift store.  This was a bronze color.  I painted it Ballet Slipper Pink.

This is made of chalk.  Picked it up at a house clean up.  Somebody tried to paint it and it was awful.  They used a different color on every flower and didn't do a good job.  I painted it Ballet Slipper Pink.

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