Thursday, January 23, 2014


My first mosaic, most people start with something small.  As you can see, I had to jump in full throttle and start with a huge project.

Neptune's body is made with plastic disks that were cut off one of those door curtains.  The kinds with beads, etc. that are strung and hung up in door ways.

His face is composed of seed beads.  His triton is gold beads.  Blue mix seed beads and aqua rocks suround him.

I also used several different colored glasses, included back painted and tumbled glass.  Rhinestones on his tail.  Glass gems and some beads.


Horseshoe Mosaic

Made for Mike who is one of my Farrier's

14 X 14

2 horseshoes and 1 horseshoe nail, rocks, the fleur de lis came from a ring, the white/brown crosses and tiny gold squares were from earrings

2 colors of tile flooring - a tan and a Terra cotta.  Broken/Tumbled/Backpainted glass.  Stained Glass - brown and white.  Plastic and glass beads.  A few pieces of white vase pottery and white plates.  And a few acyllic gems.


I've made a merhorse for each of the horses that we have or have had.

Fooler and Panama are now angels.  They were still part of the herd and are in our hearts.

These horses will be incorporated onto a large board as an under water scene.

1/24/14 update
took a picture of Ice as a Merhorse.  He's the last horse we bought and I realized I needed to make a mosaic of him.

Fooler as a Merhorse

Fooler is also an angel.  We lost him on 10/6/08.

Panama as a Merhorse

Panama now an angel.  We lost him Oct. 2012.

Ziggy as a Merhorse

Sniff as a Merhorse

Sonny as a Merhorse

Sonny is a blue roan paint.  His coloring is washed out and he just looks like a white horse now.

Star as a Merhorse

Star aka Buck-a-Boo Boo.
A video showing how he got his nick name

Red Katie as a Merhorse

Yes, we have 2 Katies.  And they were both already named when we bought them at different times and from different folks.

2/3/14 - We lost Katie due to complications of COPD on 1/24/14.  Our hearts are grieving for her.

Gray Katie as a Merhorse

Jolie as a Merhorse

Jolie is my dapple gray American Quarter horse.
I've been showing her for the last 5 or 6 years.

Her dapples are fading as all dappled horses do.

Ice as a Merhorse

Just finished this and had to add Ice as a Merhorse.  He's an 18 year old reining horse that I bought a few months ago.  I purchased him for me, but after my husband got so excited about Ice......he's learning how to ride him.

Reiner's can slide, perform flying lead changes, spin and do roll backs.  I drew the pattern to look as if the Merhorse is doing a sliding stop.

Ice Queen Crown

I made this for a "Decorate your Horse" event at our horse show association.

Shon's Horse

I made this for my horse trainer's assistant.  She had a life altering illness.  Thankfully, with time and operations she seems to be okay now.