Monday, July 30, 2018

Resin Art #5 - Mermaid

I used alcohol inks for the colors on her body
there is silver, gold and rose copper foil on her tail
a silver star glitter on the star
her face has a mica flake glitter on it
Her hair was poured with resin that contained several colors of mica powder

Resin Art #4 - Serving Tray

I drew the white, silver and gold lines with Japanese Paint Pens
Posco markers in case you want to google them

there is some silver foil under the silver and orange Pearl Ex portions
lots of different glitters
and the other colors were created with Mica Powders

The silver and the gold in the corners is large flake glitter from Michael's

Monday, July 16, 2018

Resin Pour #3

I used what I call peacock colors for this one

This piece is 16 x 16

Alcohol Inks were mixed into the resin along with glitter
The glitter color matched the alcohol ink color

Broken 1/2 gem marbles and golden mosaic glass was also used
Silver alcohol ink was added to the middle of the picture

After the initial pour dried I brushed on clear resin to the piece

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Resin Geode Art #2

11 x 12

this one was made the same as the other one - 
except I did not use any mica powder or acrylic paint mixed into the resin 

I mixed a large quantity of 2 part resin.  It was divided into several smaller cups.
Then colored glitter was added to the resin cups.

after pouring all the colors, I added blue alcohol ink to the center and pulled it thru the center and out to some of the other rings

in the sun

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Resin Art #1 - Turquoise/Blue/Gray Geode - Experiment in Resin

in the sun

board was prepped by roughly painting a geode
white/light blue/medium blue and dark blue areas
100% silicone was caulked on to create a dam around each color
3" Scotch Tape was put around the edges of the board to create a border

resin was mixed per package
each cup received the 2 parts of resin - glitter - mica powder and some received acryllic paint
I used 5 cups and made 5 colors of resin/glitter - light silver, light blue, Turquoise blue, Dark Blue and a dark gray
1/2 gem marbles that had been cracked (heated then cooled) were broken up

starting at the center, I poured the lightest resin and added some of the broken 1/2 gem marbles
In the very center I added silver leaf foil and worked it into the resin with a craft stick
resin was added to the entire piece - from light to dark resin
the gray was worked into each section

there are several colors of 1/2 gem marbles on the piece
also, there are several different colors of glitter that was sprinkled on after all the resin was poured

I liked my first attempt at using resin.  I'm looking forward to my next piece.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sea Glass and shell mosaic

I found this trivet at a garage sale

It was originally going to be used in a table wreath, but then I decided I didn't want to take up the counter space for it to sit on

Here it is with all the tesserae put on
There will be no grout
I painted the board with metallic glitter paint and sprinkled on extra silver glitter

After taking it outside for the above photo, I thought the trivet looked boring

I pulled out my collection of Vintaj Patina paints for metal

and added some color to the trivet

I like it better and it seems to blend with the other colors better

materials used on this project:
a metal trivet
seashells from my sister
half gem small and large marbles
glass pearls
sea glass and tumbled glass
several pieces of garage sale jewelry

Monday, July 9, 2018

Water and Sand #2

several colors of stained glass
gold back painted stained glass
pieces of mirror
glass pebbles
sandstone grout

Double Horseshoe Mosaic

2 horse shoes
White stained glass
wood patterned ceramic tile
pieces from several patterns of dishes and other bowls or vases
1/2 gem glass marbles
mother of pearls pieces
glass faux pearls
acrylic gems
a fleur-de-lis piece of jewelry
sandstone colored grout

Paint and Glitter, No grout mosaic - Shells/rocks/glass gems

approx. length 12 inches
height 8 inches

birch board painted with metallic and glitter paints
additional glitter sprinkled on wet paint
1/2 gem glass marbles
glass faux pearls
mother of pearl pieces
sea glass
and a jewelry sea horse and a piece off of a bracelet

applied a coat of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish to it

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Water and Sand #1

Not grouted


several different kinds of stained glass
gold back painted glass
a few pieces of mirror
a couple of different kinds of small glass pebble rocks
various small beads
mother of pearl pieces

Monday, April 9, 2018

Horseshoe cap holder

I've been looking thru my mosaic pictures and have found a few that I forgot to post

I bought this for $1 at a garage sale.

not grouted

hung in our master bedroom for my husband to hang his ball caps on

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Underwater Mermaid/Fish and Turtle Mosaic

before grout and without mermaids and turtles

with grout - no mermaids or turtles

Finished - ready to hang

plastic mermaid doll covered in polymer clay

polymer clay turtles

another mermaid doll covered in polymer clay and a couple of more turtles

treasure chest found in a thrift store

Polymer clay lentil beads

small pottery pieces

a tiny garage sale urn
rocks from Brushy Creek
Shells from Florida

various colors of stained glass - sheets in blue and mixed with green
small glass aquarium gravel
the fish are garage sale finds - the small ones were from a bag of earrings
the larger fish had a shower hook in the back
a blue plastic squid from the package of one of the mermaid dolls
Polymer Clay lentil beads I made when I was on a lentil bead kick
white 1/2 globe white glass gems
small pottery pieces from a garage sale
rocks from our creek
larger colored glass blobs from Sister Sharon
Shells from Sister Sharon
glass pearl beads
small treasure chest from thrift store
rocks/beads/gemstones/jewelry/glass elephant/metal discs and a sword pin in the treasure chest
the top of a ring next to treasure chest
and a urn/vase from a garage sale
Polymer clay turtles I made from a two piece mold set
and the mermaids I covered in clay that were shown in another post

and a picture of my love bug Scooter inspecting the new mosaic