Tuesday, July 22, 2014

(long awaited) 1/2 bath - part 1 - a new light fixture and new paint

I've copied these posts from my private blog to my public mosaic blog, so that my GardenWeb friends can see where the completed mosaic projects were used in our home.

NOTE TO SELF:  take picture of chandelier before taking it apart to rewire and paint.  Cause after laying on the counter for several weeks and then doing so, would have made it so much easier to put back together.

Bad center wire and one of the sockets was corroded and had to be replaced.

Was gold/white.  And very beat up looking.

The bathroom was a light green.  It's been repainted to a pinkish red called Tropicana.

Hubby rewired the chandelier and I painted it silver/watermelon gloss pink.
 We put the original chandelier back together (finally) and then we took all the crystals from a glass arm chandelier and married it to the this one.  The glass arm had 2 broken arms.  But, it was loaded with crystals.

The light fixture on the wall came from a house that was being rehabbed.  It's been in the bathroom since we built the house.  I did just redo the shade.  I added a silver cord around the top and the jewelry pieces on the front.

 We came up with the idea to use parts off of another chandelier and make this dangle part.  That's a bead with ballerina's that we added.

lol.....I had the hubby take a hobnail globe chandelier down from upstairs and put it in here.  Then we found this one at a garage sale for $8.  I did ask him if he minded changing the hobnail out and putting it back upstairs before I bought it.  :)  Of course, my sweetie said he'd do whatever made me happy....

1/2 bath - part 2 - new back splash, faucet and tile floor

The vanity was stained a reddish/brown color.  I painted it with Krylon Black Lacquer.  Changed the knobs to 2 old glass ones that I found somewhere.  Then hubby tiled the floor and added a mosaic tile backsplash around the sink for me.

We had to replace the faucet because one side would not work on the old one.  

The floor was only stained concrete before.  This tile is more dark brown/ but it's so dark you can get away with using it as a black tile.  It has a decorative design on it.  And....lol....some of that stuff that looks like dirt is actually the pattern on the tile.

You can lay the pattern 2 different ways. 

The baseboard is new too.  It's wider and painted the same gray as the living room trim.

1/2 bath - left side wall

This bathroom is only 4 x 8.  And very, very busy.  This is the left hand wall as you walk in.

Sorry, it's hard to take pictures of mirrors.  The glare is killer.  The top left is plastic, was gold but I painted it silver.  The other 2 I bought at an English Antique Auction.

You can see my fabric covered wall outlet.

I embroidered this with my Singer, bought the frame at a garage sale.

Metal wall decor, bought at the thrift store.  This was a bronze color.  I painted it Ballet Slipper Pink.

This is made of chalk.  Picked it up at a house clean up.  Somebody tried to paint it and it was awful.  They used a different color on every flower and didn't do a good job.  I painted it Ballet Slipper Pink.

1/2 bath - front wall

The mirror is a frame I found at a garage sale.  Hubby cut the mirror from a piece somebody gave us.  I painted the frame Ballet Slipper Pink.

The bench has been in this 1/2 bath since we built the house.  It was stained a dark/reddish brown.  I painted it with a metallic cinnamon Krylon color.  Then we smudged it with red/green/silver paints.  

I made the 3 pillows.  2 match the wall outlet and light plate covers.  The other is a faux black leather fabric.

4 pretty plates from garage sales and thrift stores

 2 floral pictures I found at my favorite thrift store

 The 3 stiletto shoe mosaics I just made

The corner shelf from the Whole Town Garage Sale.  My Sister gave me the purse/shoe picture holder.  And I picked up the stiletto shoe/bank at the thrift store.

I made the cards with scrapbook paper and printed the sayings.
Some girls are born with glitter in their veins!
It's hard being a Diamond in a rhinestone world.
Keep calm and wear pink

1/2 bath - right hand wall

Left side of the right hand wall.  Taken before I put the stiletto bank shoe on the shelf.
I found the top coat hanger at a whole neighborhood garage sale recently.

Right side of the right hand wall

Purses and tassels, all gotten at the thrift store and garage sales.
Hubby made the wooden hanger.  He cut it, routed the edges, stained and varnished it.
We used 4 of the old door knobs that were salvaged out of a rehabbed house.

My 2 decorative hanger mosaics that I recently made.

I decided to use these as it.  They are labeled made in Italy on the back.

p.s.......lol....in case you are wondering why there is some space left on this wall.  The toilet is under these 2 Italian wall pictures.  I figured you already knew what a toilet looked like so I didn't take a picture of it.  :)

1/2 bath - back wall

Yes, another mirror.  It's plastic, was $2 at a garage sale.  Was gold and I painted it silver.  A design I embroidered on the Singer.  A larger picture at the end of the post.  And my fabric covered light switch cover that matches the wall outlet and 2 of the pillows on the bench.

The dream picture, I showed you recently. 

And the mosaic header that I did for the door.

A garage sale frame.  I kiss frogs......hubby didn't get it.....I had to tell him Princesses kiss frogs.  He said "oh"..........

There you have it.  One sissy/girly 1/2 bath for company.  I've told hubby if he used it he could develop a LISP.  And we don't want that.  So he needs to stay out of it!!!!

All in All, it's busy......whimsical and probably gaudy.  But, I like it and that's the most important thing.