Thursday, September 29, 2016

a cross for Liz

my friend Liz lost her sister

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Japanese Crane

finally finished.....

sometimes a project get's started.........then goes to the wayside for quite a while
then inspiration hits again and I complete it in 4 days......................go figure

it sat here for months with only this much done

water is shell tiles and acrylic pearl beads, with some blue and turquoise half gem marbles

bird - wings are plastic chandelier crystals
white and black stained glass - gold back painted clear glass
white glass half gem marbles and white glass globs
and a few acrylic pearl beads

the sky is from sheets of yellow, orange and red stained glass

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

master bath hand towel holders

Here's one of them.  The other will be hung after the cabinets on the other side have been finished.
I need to buy a smaller hand towel for it.  The one I picked out is too large to go into the handle.
I will also be using my embroidery sewing machine to sew out a design on the hand towel.

blue mermaid's box

I decided that my blue mermaid needed to sit up on something.  So I took a wooden box that had broken hinges and glue the top shut.

I used the same mosaic tiles on the top that are also on our sink backsplash.

On the edge are some of the pencil tiles from the sink backsplash

the sides have some left over glass tiles that were used in the kitchen

before the box

here she is on her box

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

work in progress........

we've been remodeling our master bath

my merhorse mosaic has been hung up

new vanities being built - doors and drawers are not done yet
have been topped with cherry wood boards, cut and planed by my husband
new glass bowl sinks and faucets installed

and a mosaic backplash was installed

this is a 40 x 40 leaded stain glass panel that my husband made
it was created from 2 patterns out of a book
a wonderful guy at my work enlarged both patterns for me
I took the enlarge patterns and created this design for my husband to use to make the panel

we also installed a new mosaic tile backsplash around the tub

still a lot to be done

we need to paint all walls, I have picked out a light silver gray paint color
my husband needs to finish tiling our walk in shower stall
and he needs to build the vanity and cabinets on the opposite side of the bathroom

I'm very happy to have all of this done!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

House Warming Mosaic

forgot to measure it, but it's some where around 12 x 12 or could be 12 x 14

My longest time friend and her husband just bought a house.  I made this for them as a house warming present.

The plaque is called ABS's of Faith

I used a lot of different plate patterns.  Acrylic gems and beads, shell pieces (mother of pearl), glass pearl beads and a few half gem marbles.  Oh and there are 3 tiny crosses on the piece too.