Friday, March 21, 2014

Madison aka Madi the Diva Cat


A custom order on her way to North Carolina.  Hopefully Cecilia won't pop in and see this before she receives it early next week!  Went out on Thursday, March 20th.

14 x 14

The only special items are the back painted florescent green and a few pieces of turquoise iridescent glass.  The rest is regular stain glass.  And a few beads.

Light Switch Plate

Used the top of a beautiful Ginger Jar.  It is the gold/green/brown speckled pieces.  The brown/green mottled pieces are from a decorative leaf dish.  The lime pieces are from a saucer.  3 pieces of vintage jewelry.  The other pieces are beads (glass and plastic) some are from bracelets, gems and a couple of earrings.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Door sconces

I'm not sure if that's what they are or not, but we are calling them that.

I made these to go beside our door because the V attached to the header was so large.  We found that red is really popping with our new wall color.

I used 2 decorative cut outs that I got from Michaels.  The bottom one is painted with Hammered Aluminum paint.  The top one is painted with the Metallic Silver Paint.

The red beads are off  faux pearl necklace.  The top/bottom diamond pieces are earrings.  Also, the middle red pieces are earrings.  The square red stones are from a bracelet.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 horses running

36 X 24
The white horse's body is a XMAS frame.  
The black horse's body is part of a vase.
Both mane's are necklaces.
There are 2 colors of grout.  Dark brown on the bottom in the gravel.  Sand colored grout of the rest of the piece.

This mane is not grouted.  I painted the board metallic silver and glued the mane down after grouting.  I added some bugle beads in the gaps.