Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Diving Bell Mosaic


grouted and cleaned up

I used a large glass green coaster for the port hole
Several types of Copper and silver metal for the details and to define the areas and shapes
black stained glass, back painted gold textured glass  and turquoise stained glass
a few glass rock pebbles
several different buttons which are the star, the round ones on the bottom edge and the anchor buttons
and some rusty parts I found in the shed

it is grouted with Sandstone sanded grout

size is approx. 20 wide by 18 long

it is hung up in our master bathroom
over a Pour Painting that I recently learned how to do

and it is near my octopus mosaic

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wall Sconce make over

.50 cent garage sale find.  It was dirty and missing some crystals.

cleaned up, painted, crystals replaced and added an art glass piece

Monday, May 1, 2017

Octopus Mosaic

A fairly large piece.  To be used in the master bathroom.


His body is gray stained glass
The eyes are 2 large acrylic gems
At the top of the tentacles are silver/gray acrylic pearl beads
The suckers on the tentacles are discs from the hanging room divider curtain
There are a few pieces of gray/black tiny small glass aquarium gravel scattered thru the tentacles

The water is several colors of stained glass
Also used aqua, blue and green pieces of aquarium gravel to fill in spots on the water.

Deer Wall Hook Holder

I made a wall hook holder for my husband to hang his ball cap on.

I used some acrylic gems
a few glass gem blobs
faux pearls
a few mother of pearl pieces
some metallic plastic pieces
The white glass was broken vases that were tumbled in the rock tumbler to make sea glass
White Plates
Some lime china pieces
the brown pieces are from a coffee mug

The deer piece actually came with a wind chime, but we never used it to hang the chime from.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Fairy Girl Mosaic

she's 18 x 30
this is ungrouted

I finally grouted the last of the winter mosaics


Her face and the one ear are made from polymer clay.
There is an old brooch/pin on her forehead
her eyebrows and the markings on her face are bb's
Black gems for pupils/white glass shards around the pupils

The leaves in her hair are from pins that I found in at a garage sale in Terry when I was out junkin'.
I also used some rims from some floral plates in her hair
her hair is black mardi gras beads and black stained glass

green mother of pearl for her gloves
more bb's for the swirl designs along with small green glass tiles cut in half

her body, arms and legs are differentiated by leather cord and those parts are composed of tan stained glass

she has leather cord straps across her neck

the rest of the picture has several kinds of stained glass, broken pottery, beads and acrylic gems

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Custom Cross for same customer who got the Blue Bird Mosaic

before grout

after grout

white stained glass
2 different dinner plate patterns
various sizes of acrylic gems
faux pearls
a button at the top
mother of pearl pieces
mini mosaic tiles on the sides

grouted with Sandstone Color Grout

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bird and bird house

custom order delivered to a man who owns one of the largest bird house manufacturing companies in the U.S.

Heartwood - birds, bees and boards

created with various colors of stained glass
acrylic beads and faux pearls
mosaic tile squares
tile that looks like a plank of wood flooring
backpainted glass glob gem from Mr. Larry
cut pieces from a plate

approx. 12 X 18

Friday, February 17, 2017

White and Green Kitchen Mandala

17 x 17 mandala
put at the end of a kitchen cabinet that houses our electric cooktop

agate slice center
green plates
various white plates
small mosaic tile that matches edge of counter top

counter top is a green granite tile surface

Monday, February 13, 2017

All White Kitchen Mandala

it was hung on the side of the counter in the kitchen
17 x 17 inches

agate slice center
various broken plates
and small mosaic tile pieces left over from tiling places in the kitchen

Shower Room Shelf

a vintage metal shelf
before grouting

going to be hung on the inside of our walk in shower to set shampoo/conditioner
soap and shaving things onto

broken tile
Mocha brown grout

Footed Silver Tray Mosaic

a beat up footed silver tray that I decided to mosaic and put on my coffee table

used several patterns of broken plates

Flashlight Spur and horse shoe nail hanger

for my house
made with some decorative spurs
a little I'd Rather be Riding wall hanging
Horse shoe nail to hang items from
dinner plates and a mug (bottom right corner)
stained glass
beads, acryllic gems and faux pearls
1/2 gem marbles
and an old broach in the middle

by our kitchen door to hang our lights on