Friday, April 7, 2017

Fairy Girl Mosaic

she's 18 x 30
this is ungrouted

I finally grouted the last of the winter mosaics


Her face and the one ear are made from polymer clay.
There is an old brooch/pin on her forehead
her eyebrows and the markings on her face are bb's
Black gems for pupils/white glass shards around the pupils

The leaves in her hair are from pins that I found in at a garage sale in Terry when I was out junkin'.
I also used some rims from some floral plates in her hair
her hair is black mardi gras beads and black stained glass

green mother of pearl for her gloves
more bb's for the swirl designs along with small green glass tiles cut in half

her body, arms and legs are differentiated by leather cord and those parts are composed of tan stained glass

she has leather cord straps across her neck

the rest of the picture has several kinds of stained glass, broken pottery, beads and acrylic gems


Laurie said...

This is incredible! I am so intrigued by your work and the many elements that you have brought together in this stunning piece! Beautiful. Pinned.

Cheryl said...

That is awesome :-)I'm glad you told of the elements you used in this piece. I appreciate it--- because sometimes you just need a certain thing to create a certain "look" and if you've shared what you've done.... I can store that info in my brain for later use LOL
big hugs,

Saturdays Vintage Finds said...

I jumped over (finally) to admire your mosaics from Saturday's Vintage Finds. Very cool. I like how each one is so different, inspired. Love it when you add the funky bits. I'm a little sparse with handing out compliments, so consider yourself complimented. sharon

crafty cat corner said...

Absolutely brilliant, the firs thing I thought when I saw it was that it was a mixture of red indian and green man, then I read that it was a she, never mind its beautiful, makes me want to put down the needlework and get some tiles to smash, lol

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