Friday, February 17, 2017

White and Green Kitchen Mandala

17 x 17 mandala
put at the end of a kitchen cabinet that houses our electric cooktop

agate slice center
green plates
various white plates
small mosaic tile that matches edge of counter top

counter top is a green granite tile surface

Monday, February 13, 2017

All White Kitchen Mandala

it was hung on the side of the counter in the kitchen
17 x 17 inches

agate slice center
various broken plates
and small mosaic tile pieces left over from tiling places in the kitchen

Shower Room Shelf

a vintage metal shelf
before grouting

going to be hung on the inside of our walk in shower to set shampoo/conditioner
soap and shaving things onto

broken tile
Mocha brown grout

Footed Silver Tray Mosaic

a beat up footed silver tray that I decided to mosaic and put on my coffee table

used several patterns of broken plates

Flashlight Spur and horse shoe nail hanger

for my house
made with some decorative spurs
a little I'd Rather be Riding wall hanging
Horse shoe nail to hang items from
dinner plates and a mug (bottom right corner)
stained glass
beads, acryllic gems and faux pearls
1/2 gem marbles
and an old broach in the middle

by our kitchen door to hang our lights on