Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1/2 bath - front wall

The mirror is a frame I found at a garage sale.  Hubby cut the mirror from a piece somebody gave us.  I painted the frame Ballet Slipper Pink.

The bench has been in this 1/2 bath since we built the house.  It was stained a dark/reddish brown.  I painted it with a metallic cinnamon Krylon color.  Then we smudged it with red/green/silver paints.  

I made the 3 pillows.  2 match the wall outlet and light plate covers.  The other is a faux black leather fabric.

4 pretty plates from garage sales and thrift stores

 2 floral pictures I found at my favorite thrift store

 The 3 stiletto shoe mosaics I just made

The corner shelf from the Whole Town Garage Sale.  My Sister gave me the purse/shoe picture holder.  And I picked up the stiletto shoe/bank at the thrift store.

I made the cards with scrapbook paper and printed the sayings.
Some girls are born with glitter in their veins!
It's hard being a Diamond in a rhinestone world.
Keep calm and wear pink

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Eccentricities said...

Girl, you really know how to bling out a room!! Love the chandelier and handmade art touches!!

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