Thursday, March 29, 2018

Underwater Mermaid/Fish and Turtle Mosaic

before grout and without mermaids and turtles

with grout - no mermaids or turtles

Finished - ready to hang

plastic mermaid doll covered in polymer clay

polymer clay turtles

another mermaid doll covered in polymer clay and a couple of more turtles

treasure chest found in a thrift store

Polymer clay lentil beads

small pottery pieces

a tiny garage sale urn
rocks from Brushy Creek
Shells from Florida

various colors of stained glass - sheets in blue and mixed with green
small glass aquarium gravel
the fish are garage sale finds - the small ones were from a bag of earrings
the larger fish had a shower hook in the back
a blue plastic squid from the package of one of the mermaid dolls
Polymer Clay lentil beads I made when I was on a lentil bead kick
white 1/2 globe white glass gems
small pottery pieces from a garage sale
rocks from our creek
larger colored glass blobs from Sister Sharon
Shells from Sister Sharon
glass pearl beads
small treasure chest from thrift store
rocks/beads/gemstones/jewelry/glass elephant/metal discs and a sword pin in the treasure chest
the top of a ring next to treasure chest
and a urn/vase from a garage sale
Polymer clay turtles I made from a two piece mold set
and the mermaids I covered in clay that were shown in another post

and a picture of my love bug Scooter inspecting the new mosaic


Cheryl said...

That is a fabulous Mosaic you've made! A lot of fun details that keep you looking and looking at it :-) Wouldn't it be awesome hung in a pediatric doctor's office... something fun to look at while in the waiting room!

Your husbands cutting boards are fabulous. How fun to have a creative husband!

Michele Michael said...

Love love love this OMG

Kathy in Iowa said...

amazing. I am literally speechless.

The JR said...

Thank you everybody!

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