Friday, April 15, 2016

Wire Weaved Quart Cluster

This was my 1st official wire weaved piece of jewelry.  Watching YouTube videos and reading off the Net.  I made a few sample weaves using tutorials.

This quartz cluster was in the bucket of rocks and quartz that the husband and I got at a garage sale a while back.  There were not a lot of good pieces that can be used in jewelry.  But, I have several single quartz pieces and a few larger ones that I can use.  Mostly will have to use the other ones in mosaics.

When I asked my husband if he liked it he said "it's big".
So I said you don't like it.....dear Redneck said "it's big".
Men!  Well, I like it and that's all that counts I guess.

I free formed the wire piece on the left side and used it to hold the stone down on the copper wire frame that is under the stone.  It is also running up to the top to form the bail.

There are several coiled wire pieces running mostly toward the bottom of the pendant.  And lots of beads.

There is a smaller weaved piece running along the side on the right.

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