Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crystal Cave Charm - Nicole Hanna pattern

Nicole Hanna Jewelry website

Nicole Hanna is an amazing jewelry artist.  She weaves wire into unbelievable designs that are works of art.

She generously shared a free tutorial yesterday and I was able to make this pendant from that tutorial.  Of course, no where as beautiful as her work.  But, hey in my defense.....I'm new to wire weaving.

I started playing with wire last week.  I bought some and did a few patterns found on YouTube.  I did wire wrap a quart crystal cluster earlier this week.  I will show it later.

Now the question to myself I want to make another one and use these as earrings?

Thank you so much Nicole.

p.s., I need to add the jump ring at the top to hang it from
p.s.s.  and I need to buy a ruler that has metric measurements on it.
p.s.s.s  and buy a magnifying glass :)

and here is the original piece from Nicole.

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