Monday, May 12, 2014

1/2 Bath Header

I made this to go in our 1/2 bath that is located in the kitchen.  I have decided to make this a very girly/sissy bathroom.  I also have a mosaic powder room sign that will go the door.

Has lots of bling.  $1 jewelry from Bedazzle.  Pearls, acrylic gems.  Glass, metal and plastic beads/stars and balls.  Mother of pearl squares.  A fine china English tea cup that belonged to my sister Sharon.  She had it at a flea market for sale marked $36.  But, somebody broke the handle off and she gave it to me.  The pink gems around the edges is jeweled sewing trim.  

Several different - pink - white - a white with rose and a white with gold.

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trailrider731 said...

major bling for one of the MOST IMPORTANT rooms in the house!!!!

looking good, One picture isn't showing up though.

seeya, LM

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